The LBZ Series

With the heavy duty construction of the LBZ series the the base is created for the exact treatment also with the heaviest profiles and full materials in steel and high-grade steel. The standard, automatic gear box transmits the necessary torque to the spindle. A quick 24-fold ATC toolchanger guarantees a short tool changing and save a fast chip to chip time.

The LBZ-HV is equipped with a tiltable milling head, so that also heavy treatments can be carried out on different sides and positions on the workpiece. Various milling heads with different functions are on choice. Furthermore different millingspindles and toolchanger are available. For both type of the LBZ are availiable different hydraulic clamp systems and various T-groove plates. Working lenghts from 2.000 mm up to 23.000 mm are possible. The open coverage type protects the free accesibility. This is while loading of long and heavy work pieces a determining advantage.



LBZ Series Technical data: Bearbeitung schwere Profile Vollmaterialien Stahl Edelstahl

  • Solid and heavy machine, welded construction
  • Steel casted housing
  • Chip tray
  • Multistation working
  • Automatic gear box
  • Cooling water equipment
  • ATC-Toolchanger
  • High quality linear guides
  • precision ball screws
  • High dynamic servo motors
  • 3D interpolation
  • Touch screen terminal
  • CAN-Bus system
  • Sustainable control system
  • Water cooled electric cabinet
  • Thread milling and cutting
  • Automatic central oil lubrication







LBZ Series Options: Bearbeitung schwere Profile Vollmaterialien Stahl Edelstahl

  • Chip conveyor
  • Tools, special tools
  • Special equipment clamping devices
  • Automatic clamp positioning system
  • Programming units
  • Coolant trough the spindle (LBZ-D)
  • Minimum spray system
  • Interface to other software modules
  • Tilting milling heads (LBZ-HV)
  • T-Groove plate
  • Spindle motor up to 25 KW
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Hydraulic devices
  • Automatic stud welding system
  • Different milling spindles
  • Tool measurement