The Saw- and Manufacturing Centre KBZ

The automatic saw and manufacturing centre for profiles is available for the treatment of aluminum and steel profiles. The system can be configured with standard modules especially for the respective application case of the customer.

The configuration can be done from the simple cutting line up to a automatic machining system with profile magazine and complete manufacturing arrangement including boring and milling equipment. From the automatic take out of the profil store to automatic, partial marking up to automatic storage of the finished parts many options are availiable.



KBZ Technical Data: Sägeanlage Fertigungsanlage KBZ technische Ausstattung

  • Profile length standard 7.500 mm
  • Crosstransportation Profilesupply
  • CNC conroled pusher system
  • various saw equipment
  • Control system with CAN Bus
  • Programming unit
  • Profil bar optimizing
  • Pneumatic universal gripper
  • Rollers for profil transportation
  • Saw blade standard 500 mm
  • Safety device
  • Profile displayed on the screen
  • Blowing device for chips
  • Pneumatic clamp system




KBZ Options:Sägeanlage Fertigungsanlage KBZ optionale Ausstattung

  • Stack magazin for profiles
  • Stack magazin for finished parts
  • Label Printer
  • Mechanical marking system
  • Special calamp systems
  • Low noise cabinett
  • CNC – controled cutting angle
  • Automatic cutting stroke
  • Working up to 5 Sides
  • Profile measurement
  • Exhaustsystem
  • Chip conveyor
  • Boring units
  • Milling unit
  • Tool changer
  • Shifter cutting
  • Short part cutting min 10 mm
  • Saw blade up 800 mm