The Programming Unit CAM-Profi

The programming unit CAM-PROFI is a consistent further development of the many years experience of the machine and control manufacturer. The needs of the customer for an easier and faster operation have been in a almost ideal way combined. A simple and quick operation with the smallest training effort, stood here during the development in the foreground. Because of the open structure an integration is possible in existing data structures.


Different machine configurations can be programmed with the same software version. All adaptations are indicated signalized on the screen directly. Many processes are already predefined in the selection menu. Required processes are simply selected from the menu. With optional available interfaces a data transfer from other programs is possible. From the taken over data, machine programs can be automatically generated.



CAM Profi Technical Data:

  • Profilemanagement
  • Profileeditor
  • Programmmanagement
  • 3D-Simulation
  • Solid or standarddisplaying
  • Online programming
  • Parametric programming
  • DXF-Data connection
  • Makrofunction
  • Serverfunction
  • DIN-ISO CNC-editor
  • Formula application
  • Clamp unit simulation
  • Toolmanagement
  • Clamping element positioning
  • Wide range of parameter settings
  • Working optimization

CAM-Profi Options:

  • Complete working of profile bars
  • Profile bar optimizing
  • Short part working
  • Interface to CAD
  • Interface to DXF
  • Interface to commercial software
  • Multi user license